A World of Adventure in the Lost Sierra

You may not be all that familiar with the “Lost Sierra” region of Northern California. In fact, this area got its nickname because it is far less well-traveled than other more famous regions in the Sierra mountain range. But the Sierra Buttes boast untold beauty and a wide array of activities to satisfy your adventurous, outdoorsy desires. And while it’s great for your favorite winter time activities, the spring is also a fantastic time to visit the Lost Sierra.


Weekend Wanders: The Lost Sierra’s Chalet View Lodge

By: Christina Leigh Morgan of currentlyexploring.com

As we walked back towards the lodge from the fire pit, under the crisp, black night sky and the most vibrant display of stars, I couldn’t help but wonder why no one had ever heard of this place before.

I booked it for a quiet weekend writing retreat, but the Lost Sierra had other plans.

It was like an overlooked summer camp for adults, complete with paddleboats and swimming ponds, adventure bike tracks and