A World of Adventure in the Lost Sierra

You may not be all that familiar with the “Lost Sierra” region of Northern California. In fact, this area got its nickname because it is far less well-traveled than other more famous regions in the Sierra mountain range. But the Sierra Buttes boast untold beauty and a wide array of activities to satisfy your adventurous, outdoorsy desires. And while it’s great for your favorite winter time activities, the spring is also a fantastic time to visit the Lost Sierra.

Hiking (and Riding)

Of course, as you may expect, there is phenomenal hiking in the Sierra Buttes, from Mills Peak to Mount Elwell, to the epic Sierra Buttes Lookout, which is about five miles round trip and has a rise of about 1,500 feet from the PCT Trailhead! From the top, which is around 8,500 feet, you get an amazing panoramic view of the rest of the Sierra peaks, as well as the beautiful Sardine Lakes that dot the region down below.

Lake Activities

The spring is a great time of year to enjoy the cool, clear, turquoise waters of the many lakes that make up the Sierra Buttes. Whether you enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing, sailing, waterskiing or a variety of other lake sports, the Lakes Basin area has something for everyone. These lakes, created by the glaciers centuries ago, sit nestled among the mountains and provide a truly remarkable way to enjoy the natural beauty of this region.